The Next Chapter..

Growing up near Halifax but born on Cape Breton Island, I've always felt like I was gifted the best of both worlds.

My school years were spent just outside the city, where everything, from concerts to fashion, was within arm's reach. Yet, at heart, I'm an island girl drawn to the tranquility of horse barns, the soothing presence of the sea, and a comforting cup of tea.

My roots trace back to Cape Breton, where slow summers with my grandparents deeply influenced me. My poppy, a coal miner and horse racer, was not just a skilled tradesman but a dreamer and an artist. Some of my favourite memories are of sitting at the kitchen table with Poppy, sharing toast and tea while he sketched portraits, animals, or plans for his next project.

A creative and possible ADHD, (like me!) Things always snowballed when we were together. An example of this is a project he started when I was only 2 years old.. a simple 'toy box' DIY magically transformed into plans for a dollhouse and then quickly became "The Dollhouse”, a child-sized playhouse which made memories to last a lifetime.

Trips to thrift stores with Nanny fueled my love for vintage finds, as far back as I can remember “Little House on the Prairie” aesthetic was my goal. While my mom's passion for Holidays & bargain hunting, was passed down as well. She worked many years at Sears Clearance Centre, fondly known as 'The Bargain Basement,' so we know a bargain!

My life's direction wasn't so much guided by a plan as it was by a goal. I always dreamed of a cozy home where I could raise a family, create traditions and be surrounded by my DIYs and cherished trinkets. Armed with the eldest daughter drive, and big scorpio energy I was ready to get to work towards that little life I envisioned.

At 19, I found myself working at the Post Office, where my love for stationery blossomed amidst sorting through the birthday messages and love letters that came shuffling through the warehouse.

It was also at 19 when I met my now-husband Nick, and together we built a life that led us to another Canadian Island - Newfoundland. It was there, in 2014, that our first Child was born and it was also the beginning of Holly’s Housewife Life, the Blog.

While the blog initially revolved around "Beauty, Baby, and the Kitchen Sink," its true essence lay in connecting with friends and new acquaintances through the vast expanse of the internet.

Over the years, the beauty blogging landscape has evolved, presenting new challenges and becoming slightly more difficult for a busy mom like me to keep up with. Yet, amidst this change, my love for a bold lipstick, thrill of creating something beautiful and the joy of reinvention through style and fun remained the same.

While my roots are firmly planted in the art of homemaking, I cannot give up on this little piece of me - Holly’s Housewife Life.

It is time to grow beyond Beauty & Baby Blogging and introduce the next expansion of Holly’s Housewife Life, bringing beloved, pre-loved and now re-loved items directly into your home.

I am so excited to share my passion for thrifting and the art of breathing new life into these treasures, with you!